Garden of Eden Kingdom Living, Inc.

All-Natural Food Processing Company =Promoting Healthy Eating &Healthy Living

                  Established Since 2014

MBE State Certified.

WBE State Certified.

 Community out reach

Garden of Eden Kingdom Living, CEO, Guess Speaker at Eastbrook Academy........and a judge in their Smoothie Contest

She  is call for outreach  

          ministry to the lost, we feed the poor,

                  visited the sick, and jailed


She is an author/WRITER/poet

Licensed and Ordained in Apostolic Ministry

Wedding, Funerals, Baptism, Christening, Ordinations

For Speaking Engagements

Business Phone 414-377-1310


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Her first book is about her life story in poems, 2 book What shall I do while I wait for my God given soul mate, she lay it all down. her 3rd book is where she combines both book together......order your copies $17.99

 For More Information: 414-377-1310

1. My Personal Journal (order E-Book) Amazon

2. What Shall I Do While I Wait For My God Given Soulmate ( order E-Book) Amazon

3. What Shall I Do? you can order paper copy now, online $17.99 plus shipping.

4. Business Made Simple (Business Manual) $12.00 Plus Shipping


Ms Long and her family moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin when she was eleven years old. At the age of twenty-three, she gave her life over to God. This is when she found what her true purpose on earth was. At the age of twenty-four, God called her into the offices of a prophetess and a teacher of the Word of God. She gratefully accepted the calls on her life.  Long walked in the prophetic mantel and prophetic realm for over twenty years. God used her strongly in the gift of the Spirit. God took Ms Long on a three-year consecration. During that time, she birthed out her first book “My Personal Journal”. This book tells her life story in the form of prophetic poetry. After consecration, God changed her direction, and she became the Pastor and founder of The Path Finder's Ministry on April 4, 2007. She started in the basement of her home. The church quickly outgrew the tiny space and after one year the church moved to a store front. Just like in the basement, the members outgrew this space also. While shepherding her ministry, Long still found time to complete a second book entitled, “What Shall I Do While I Wait for My God Given Soul Mate”. This book also shares some of her personal story while teaching you how to wait on God. To purchase the books, hit the link. Long still walks in her prophetic calling, and she has also begun to truly embrace her Apostolic calling. As of 2012, She work with three churches in the city of Milwaukee. May 1, 2018, God release Long, from the office of shepherding, The Path Finder's Ministry, and shifted her, to operate in outreach ministry, 2020 "Business Made Simple Workshop Outreach Ministries" was birth, she is excited, about this new level! God is trusting her to go out into the streets, and take the word of God, it is all about building the Kingdom of God. Ms. Long after being in the presence of the Lord! she births the Garden of Eden Kingdom Living Inc, Promoting Healthy eating and healthy living, she started with all-natural fruit and vegetable drinks, the company had evolved into more than a juice company! The Company make, bottle and labels All natural products. Such as seasoning, Dressing, Hot Sauce, Marinates, Syrups, Cooking oil, and three different scented oil, rose, lavender and vanilla. the company has a total of 8 drinks. She gives God all the Glory. Jesus Christ has put this vision in her heart! her first drink is called Heaven's Passion All-Natural Fruit Drink, this is mix with many different fruits, this drink for created for fasting, as a body of Christ most of us do not fast, some don't fast at all! God wants His people close to him, and his time. yes, we are living in the last days.  Graceful for learning and making millions of mistakes along the way, with God all things are possible. He never left my side though it all, learning how to walk in His design purpose. loving God people, lose, hurt and rejected.


Prayer Request

 Thank you for your seed....

 Thank you for helping us, to do the work of the Lord

 walking in the word of god

she is a poet: the church girl


This world is full of Opportunity and Possibility

I am Focused

I work within my own Ability

with the help of the Trinity, connected with them in Unity

I thank God for freedom and liberty

I am looking ahead, staying focused

for this is a Reality

This poem can be found in my book, What Shall I Do?

Doing her poem, The Veil Intimacy

for the first time at CLAP FOR POET

About The Company CEO

Feeding the poor, Clothing the poor, visiting the Sick, and those in jail. outreach

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Students help create a new

Edens Spicy Mango Vinagrette