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This is just a few who has taken our class, our goal, is to help business owners have a strong foundation

Mission Statement
Business Made Simple Workshops, (Outreach Ministries) focus on equipping our Small Businesses. We originate due to lack of business in our communities being successful, also due to the lack of understanding monetary calculation of projection forecast dealing with numbers. because we are a Small Business ourselves, we more than understand the desperate need within our societies. We have discovered personally through trials and errors, many communities’ base organizations, leave out valuable information. By Companies not having a strong foundation and getting the proper knowledge to become more lucrative, most all the new start up fails within the first year by not being comprehension of their Reports such as P& L, FCF and more. We have created a course of different workshops centering around financial literacy to close that gap. With our Corporation Integrity and proper training in those key areas, we will breakdown powerful awareness with our array of unique seminar training for new businesses and current business owner with our basic fundamental workshop courses: Understanding Cash Flow, Understanding Profit and Loss Statements, Understanding about our Break-Even Analysis, Using Social Media as Advertising Tools, Business Set Up, Finding your Margin Cost for your products, Bookkeeping, Website Design and Branding, and more. Our training class will cause Business Owner, to leave our workshops, having a stronger foundation laid, this makes for a stronger more successful business, which also helps with the growth and development of our City and State.

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From The Desk of The Teacher: 

It is with great honor, to have opportunity to serve in Milwaukee, working with some amazing businesses. we are all putting Milwaukee on the map, one business one at a time. it really brings tears to my eyes, seeing all the greatness shine forth. some water, but God bring the increase!

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