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                                Eden's Vegetable Vinaigrette Dressing
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Garden of Eden Kingdom Living​​
CEO: Karen Long, Apostle
P.O Box 18018
Milwaukee, WI. 53218​​

Garden of Eden Kingdom Living
7504 W Appleton Ave.
Milwaukee, WI. 53216

Monday 12- 4:00pm
Tuesday 12- 4:00pm
Thursday 12-4:00pm​​​​​
Friday 12- 7:00pm​


Eden's Vegetable Vinaigrette
All Natural Dressing

Blended with Pure olive oil, tomatoes, crushed red pepper, turmeric, onion, garlic, ginger, ​dried veggie, sea salt, vinegar

Good for salads, cooking as a marinated seasoning, veggie dip, chicken and much, much more.​
Eden's Italian Mustard Marinated All Natural Dressing

Parsley, Vinegar, Green onion, garlic, onion, rosemary herbs, basil, Italian, ground pepper, mustard seed, turmeric, paprika, spinach, sea salt, olive oil​

Good for salad, meats, chicken, dipping, sandwich
Cranberry Vinaigrette   Dressing

Apple​ cider vinegar, dried cranberries, cranberry juice olive oil, pure cane sugar, honey, cinnamon 

Good for salads, cooking meats, bread dipping, and much more.​​
Eden's Caribbean Splash
Liquid Seasoning​

Loaded with fresh pineapples, mint, vinegar, basil, oregano, canola oil, sea salt​

Good for salads, seasoning, Marinated, salmon, pizza and much more.... ​​
Eden's Cherry Vinaigrette Dressing

Only Three ingredients
Fresh Black Cherry​
Canola oil

It has a red wine taste

Good for salads, meats, veggies....​​​​