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       Apostle Karen Long


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Jams & SYRUP 

our products are made with organic sugar

Eden's Strawberry Syrup

Fresh strawberries,  organic pure cane sugar, pectin, 100% natural juice

Eden's Blueberry SyrupFresh blueberries, Organic Pure cane sugar, 100% natural juice, pectin

Eden's Cranberry Marinated Syrup

Dried cranberries, cranberry juice, water, organic pure cane sugar

Good for cooking with, stove top, oven or grilling.....

Glaze Ham, chicken, turkey.......

tea, pan cakes..........

Eden's Cherry Berry Jam

Dried Cherry berries, 100% Natural juice, organic raw sugar, natural pectin

 This little boy saw our Strawberry Syrup, ran straight to it and pick it up and said this is mine! Wish I would video that his mother had to buy it for him......this was a wonderful moment Kids loved our products!

Try our syrups on pancakes, ice cream, tea, drink mixers, and much more

Found our Products.

 Eden's Cherry Berry Jam, Eden's Cranberry Marinated Syrup

 Out Post Natural Foods

 100 E Capitol Drive

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

 7000 W State Street

 Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

 2826 S Kinnickinnic Ave

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207

 7590 W Mequon Road

 Mequon, Wisconsin

Found Strawberry & Blueberry Syrup

 at Pete's Fruit Market

     2303 N Dr. MLK Dr.

   Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Eden's Blue Berry Jam

Fresh blue berries, 100% natural juice, organic raw sugar, natural pectin