​​​​​Garden Of Eden Kingdom Living​

                                  Eden's Herb & Spice Cooking oil

Garden of Eden Kingdom Living​​
CEO: Karen Long, Apostle
P.O Box 18018
Milwaukee, WI. 53218​​

Garden of Eden Kingdom Living
7504 W Appleton Ave.
Milwaukee, WI. 53216

Monday 12- 4:00pm
Tuesday 12- 4:00pm
Thursday 12-4:00pm​​​​​
Friday 12- 7:00pm​


Eden's Herb & Spice Cooking Oil
is loaded and infused with Parsley, Red Crushed Peppers, Sea Salt​

Good for cooking Cabbage
Good for cooking Pasta

Cooking oil good is great for almost all types of food, cabbage, stir fry, grilling, fish, shake, you use a food brush, too lightly coat your fish or chicken before putting into the oven.