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       Apostle Karen Long

 State of wisconsin

 Create your own products

We are looking forward to creating your products!

We are here for just for you....

Doctor have told you, stay away from certain food!

You just can't found your products anymore!

 Wish you can make your own sauce, just the way you like it!

 Guess what! you can, CREATE YOUR OWN SAUCE...........

Create your own products...

1. Dressing $6.00

2. Hot Sauce $6.00

3. Seasoning $6.00

4. bbq sauce $6.00

5. smoke rubs $6.00

6. cooking oil $6.00-$7.00

7. Dips $6.00

8. marinates. $6.00

9. jams $6.00

10. syrups $6.00

 Karen E. Long (CEO/OWNER



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 If we are shipping products

 please add $13.00 shipping cost....

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