Garden of Eden kingdom living
                                      All-Natural Processing
          Promoting Healthy EATING & hEALTHY LIVING
                                         (We are more than a juice company)


       Apostle Karen Long

Contact us

Business Phone  414-377-1310



Mailing Address

Garden of Eden Kingdom Living

  PO BOX 18018

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53218

 Garden of Eden Kingdom Living

NEW local STORE LOCATION ( soft openJuly 3, 2018)

2330 North 124th street

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 53218

Open Hours


TUESDAY-FRIDAY 10:30-5:30 pm

SATURDAY/SUNDAY 9:00 am-5:00 p m

7 Mile Fair Market (In Doors) Expo/B

2720 West 7 Mile Road

Caledonia, Wisconsin


We are looking forward to seeing you soon...