Garden of Eden kingdom living
                  All-Natural FOOD Processing COMPANY
          Promoting Healthy EATING & hEALTHY LIVING
                                         (We are more than a juice company)


       Apostle Karen Long


 2330 N 124th, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 53226

 Monday's -Closed, Tuesday- Friday 10:30 am - 5;30 pm

 7Mile Fair Every Saturday/Sunday 9:00-5:00 pm

Mission Statement

Garden of Eden Kingdom living, mission is to return to the Garden of Eden way of eating and living back in the Bible days when our food was in its purest and natural form. We blend only that which comes from God’s creation, allowing mother nature to work on our behalf. With a mixture and combination of an assortment of the freshest fruit and vegetable, produces. This cause our natural drinks and natural seasoning, hot sauce, jams, syrups, dressing, BBQ Sauces, smoke rubs, jerk, cooking oil, dips, soups to flow with tons of Natural Energy, Natural Nutrition, Natural Vitamins, and Natural Nourishment… Garden of Eden Kingdom promoting Healthy Eating and Healthy Living

                    Our company vision

 Promoting healthy eating habits for all through self-discipline,   restoration and fasting within the body of christ, and our   community...........

 helping too reduce obesity........

 help reduce HEALTH issues..........

 help increase long life........

 Our long time goal is to help other small business with financial assistance..............

 help ASSIST with different types of Business Training..........

Healthy Choices
        Natural fasting, Natural Weight Loss...
        Natural Energy, Natural Preservative...
        Natural Sugar, Gluten Free...
        NO SOY, NO DAIRY, 0 CAL

Our products are great for VEGETARIAN, VEGANS,


 Allow us to create your product just the way you like it

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 New Location 2330 n 124th street      Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 53226

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